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Partnering with Huego Helped One School Earn new iPads for Students

Schools across the country have struggled financially to open up their classrooms. While preparing for a new school year, many organizations have incurred several new costs in an effort to maintain a safe environment for students. This has forced many schools to think of new and creative ways to generate additional funding for their campuses.

Huego, an online facility management platform, aims to help schools generate additional income for schools by managing their underutilized athletic space seamlessly!

In May of 2021, Yvette, a cheerleading coach for youth girls, struggled to find practice space due to COVID-19 restrictions and faced a potentially cancelled season. Their requirements were pretty basic: a large room to practice their routines and a safe environment.

On the opposite end, Sacred Heart Catholic School’s auditorium was not being used by students after hours and the school’s leadership realized they had an opportunity to utilize their unused space to generate income.

“I’ve never really thought about renting out our space, yet alone raising funds for our school this way. Both our fields and auditorium were left attended for several hours a week. I didn’t know how to generate more income for the school once COVID hit! I knew there had to be a way I could utilize our space more efficiently”, said Principal Claudia.

Within a few days, Huego’s team was able to find the cheer team a location meeting all of their needs. The group booked their first Huego transaction at Sacred Heart. Yvette was able to secure a safe location for her team to practice and cheer on! “The facility we rented was in a prime area of our was definitely a blessing to find Huego.”

One of Principal Claudia’s main goals for the new school year was to purchase new iPads for her students. By partnering with Huego, Sacred Heart was able to raise close to $10,000 in new income to help pay for those iPads!

Huego’s platform makes it easy for schools to list their underutilized space in seconds. Their powerful facility management platform provides future teams, coaches and non-profit organizations the ability to find and book spaces conveniently.

Learn more about how you can partner with Huego here!

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