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The Future of the Fitness Industry

Renting Gym Space Is The Future Of Fitness

The fitness industry is evolving and consumers are demanding new flexible solutions including different forms of hybrid training. In response, trainers are needing to create more digital content. Finding gym space for rent is a key part of the solution.

The Future Of Gyms & Personal Training

Will the current contract model between Personal Trainers and gyms be the future of the industry? 2020 and the Covid pandemic caused a shift in consumer behavior and needs towards health and fitness. People no longer want to be restricted to gym memberships. Many people value the connection with their trainer over working out alone in a gym.

Personal Trainers need to create a true sense of connection for the post-Covid fitness consumer. You must give lots of value and support, and combine face-to-face and online offers to suit your clients.

If you don’t have a studio set up at home, rent a local fitness space to train clients. Finding gym space for rent is also a smart way to shoot quality video content for your online offers.

It’s time to rethink how the industry offers Personal Training sessions. What does your client want? Where do they want to work out? Would they prefer to meet at a local private gym? Should you find gym space to rent for your Personal Training sessions?

Find Gym Space For Rent

Let your clients tell you where and how they want to work out. Don’t make them go to a crowded gym if they prefer to workout in private.

Did you know it’s easy to find gym space for rent in your local area? You can search for gym space to rent and hire by the hour or for regular sessions. Take a look here for fitness studios, facilities, outdoor sports areas and gyms to rent in your area.

How Much To Rent A Gym?

Gyms set their own rates, but you can be sure that it’s a more cost-effective option than being tied into a contract between Personal Trainer and gym.

Before you look for gym space for rent in your area, think about what size facility you need, what equipment you need for your clients, what days and times you prefer, and whether you want a one-off rental or a more regular arrangement.

How To Workout At Home?

Perhaps you’re a fitness client who doesn’t feel comfortable going back to the gym right now. You can get an awesome workout at home without needing to share equipment with anyone else.

If you have your own home gym with cardio equipment, strength kit, and some functional training tools then you are set up for a varied and effective workout every day.

But even if you just have a couple kettlebells or just your own bodyweight, you can maintain muscle, burn calories, and get lean with home workouts. One of the best types of training to follow is strength work followed by conditioning.

CrossFit Workouts From Home

CrossFit is a hugely popular style of training because it combines strength training with HIIT conditioning to get you in shape fast! Most CrossFit WODs (workouts of the day) last between 5-20 minutes and jack your heart rate up so you burn calories whilst working your entire body.

You can do a CrossFit workout with a range of equipment, from just your bodyweight to dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell, a jump rope, a plyo box or a gymnastics rig. The best place to find CrossFit workouts is from the official CrossFit site.

If you want to start doing CrossFit style workouts at home, why not hire a Personal Trainer who specializes in this form of training so they can coach you through the basic moves and write you a progressive training program that suits your needs?

Renting gym space is the future of fitness. Find gym space to rent in your area here.

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